Reverend Amy Cadle - Agreement Form
Reverend Amy Cadle - Wedding Officiant / Minister
*Wedding Ceremony Agreement Form*

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!  I want to be sure that everything runs smoothly. This form will help to provide clarity and peace of mind for everyone.
Read it carefully, cut and paste to email, fill it out, email and mail this form to me with your deposit, and then expect an email receipt. By filling out this form, you are obligating yourself to these details. By acknowledging this form by email to you, I am obligating myself to these same details.
Day & Date of Wedding: __________________________________________
Time of Wedding:________________________________________________
Location of Wedding/full address__________________________________
Ceremony Inside or Outside: ________         Number of Guests: _________
Person submitting this form: ______________________________________
Who (or website) referred you?: ___________________________________
Full Name of Bride:_____________________________________________
Bride email address:_____________________________________________
Bride full home address: _________________________________________
Bride best phone number: _______________________________________
Full Name of Groom: __________________________________________
Groom email address: __________________________________________
Groom full home address: _______________________________________
Groom best phone number: ______________________________________
*Amount of your deposit ($100 minimum): $ _________      
*Balance due, before wedding: $ _________
*base price is $250/Platinum, or Other_________________ 
*include 50 cents a mile for the wedding and the rehearsal (each) - round trip, mileage charge for weddings outside of Monroe county, MI only.
Use MapQuest or Rand McNally.
Round trip miles for wedding _____ x .50 = $_____ grand total due for mileage.
Date of Rehearsal: _______________ ,  Time of Rehearsal: ________________
Location of Rehearsal: _______________________________________________
Name of Ceremony Facility: ___________________________________________
Facility Contact Person Name and Phone number: _________________________
What type of ceremony do you prefer? (Religious / Spiritual / Romantic / Secular -Civil / Writing your own): _____________________________________________
Who is escorting Bride down the aisle? __________________________________
Will you use ‘Who Gives this Woman /Giving Away of Bride’?  use  GIVES,   PRESENTS,   SUPPORTS,   or   NO GIVING AWAY OF BRIDE
Unity Ceremony / Special additions?: (Candle,  Sand,  Rose,  Blending of Family,  Reading of departed family member, Handfasting,  etc…)___________________
Music during ceremony & when (musicians, solos) _________________________
Romantic Readings (which selections / read by whom?) _____________________
Your choice of Wedding Vows:    Traditional     Customized     You’re Writing Your Own Vows ________________________________________________________
Exchange of Rings wording:     Traditional     Customized     You’re Writing Your Own Exchange ____________________________________________________
Additional comments about your ceremony - Ethnic / Family customs, anything you’d like for me to know or do for your ceremony:
Agreement Items
1.   This agreement reserves officiating services by Reverend Amy Cadle at the place, date, and time listed above to perform a wedding ceremony.
2.   I agree for the wedding and rehearsal,  both events will end within one hour after the scheduled start.  Reverend Amy may have other ceremonies scheduled on the same day and with this agreement everyone is assured that their respective weddings and rehearsals will start on time.
3.  I agree to bring all copies of the license to the wedding, if no rehearsal. I agree to bring the balance owed at the same time, in cash or PayPal. Reverend Amy will file your completed license with the issuing county clerk promptly. Only the county clerk can issue a certified copy of the license. If couple fails to provide marriage license on day of wedding, a $50 convenience fee will apply should the license have to be signed after the wedding is complete.  Fees paid are nonrefundable. Damages related to this agreement are limited to the total booking amount.
4.  I further agree that I will notify Reverend Amy as quickly as possible if the wedding has been canceled or postponed.
Your typed signatures below confirm that you understand and accept the terms above:
Typed signature of Bride / Date: ________________________________
Typed signature of Groom / Date: _______________________________
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